Commercial Plumbing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

When it comes to commercial plumbing it’s important to have a plumber who can work fast and efficiently and coordinate with your schedule. At Paragon Plumbing we offer commercial plumbing services for all types of business, small to large, in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Industries We Serve:

No matter what industry you are in, if you have a physical location you rely on commercial plumbing services. Whether you’re scheduling a renovation, or you have a plumbing emergency, we understand that efficiency and accuracy in communication, planning, and execution is extremely important. This is especially true if you must close your doors to complete the work.

That’s why at Paragon Plumbing we pride ourselves on the streamlined process we’ve developed for our commercial plumbing services, allowing you to worry less about plumbing and more about business. No matter what line of business you’re in, we can help:

  • Restaurant plumbing
  • Retail management plumbing
  • Healthcare facility plumbing
  • Hotels and motels plumbing
  • Property Management plumbing
  • School & University plumbing
  • And more!

Commercial Plumbing Services We Offer:

We offer a wide range of commercial plumbing services to fit the needs of any business, small to large. Whether you need emergency services in a pinch or are planning ahead of time Paragon Plumbing can help. Here are some of the common commercial plumbing services we offer:

Commercial Backflow Services

We manage the installation, maintenance, and annual testing of backflow prevention systems. These systems are crucial for preventing the reverse flow of water from contaminating your potable water supply.

Commercial Flushometer Services

Our services include the professional handling of flushometer systems, which are commonly used in commercial restrooms for their efficiency and water-saving benefits. We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs when needed.

Under Slab Commercial Plumbing Services

We offer repair, replacement, and installation of sub-surface plumbing with minimal disturbance to the structural integrity of your building.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Liquid Waste Pumping

We provide essential maintenance services for commercial kitchens, including the cleaning of grease traps and the pumping of liquid waste. These routine services are vital for preventing clogs and ensuring that waste is properly managed according to health regulations.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our High-Pressure Water Jetting service is a non-invasive method to clear pipes of sediment, grease, and other debris. This process involves using high-velocity water pressure to clean the interior surfaces of plumbing pipes.

Need Commercial Plumbing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

Whether your business is big or small, you run a commercial kitchen or a retail store, Paragon Plumbing’s commercial plumbing services will help keep your business running efficiently, minimizing disturbance and time spent with your door closed.

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